Escape Junkies California Escape Tour 2019 (Updated)

Golden Gate Bridge photo with Escape Junkies Tour
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Updated 4/6/19

If you have visited the Escape Junkies blog you may have noticed a distinctly east coast vibe when browsing the reviews posted on our site. Our team of escape enthusiasts is (mostly) based out of Tampa Florida with the exception of @Escapee_Adam who recently relocated to the northeast. For this reason, the majority of our reviews will come from escape rooms on this side of the country.

This summer we will finally realize a goal that was formulated long before the decision to launch was conceived. In June, the entire Escape Junkies team will travel to California for a week-long escape room tour with stops in San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. During this trip, we plan to visit some of the top escape room companies on the west coast to provide our readers with additional reviews, tips, and insights with our own twist.

We are currently in the process of narrowing down our master list of escape rooms to attempt during our trip, and while we believe we have some solid rooms, we would love to hear from any of our readers about the can’t miss escape room experiences in California. Leave a comment below, tweet us @ Escape_Junkies, or find us on Facebook. Check out some of the escape rooms we are debating below.

Palace Games
Palace Games logo

Palace Games has a reputation as the top escape room company in Californa and one of the best in the country.

Update: We will be playing all 3 games at Palace Games!

Highlights: Edison Room, Roosevelt Room, Houdini Room

Real Escape Game by SCRAP
Real Escape Game Logo

SCRAP is the original escape game company for Japan. The industry legends are known for pushing the envelope on what to expect from an escape room.

Highlights: Popstar’s Room of Doom

Update: Popstar’s Room of Doom is currently under renovations so we will not be able to play this game.

Omescape Logo

I tried out Omescape’s Pandemic Zero room when I visited San Jose last Christmas and was impressed by the creative puzzles and detailed room design. I’m looking forward to trying the more difficult Sorcerer’s Sanctum.

Highlights: Sorcerer’s Sanctum, Pandemic Zero

Update: We will be playing Sorcerer’s Sanctum.

Off The Couch
Off The Couch Logo

OTC is a newer entrant into the San Jose escape room market but that didn’t stop them from making a big impact. Featuring the only 2-hour single-themed escape game that I’ve come across, OTC is a can’t miss stop on our trip.

Highlights: Excalibur

Update: We will be playing Excalibur.

Hatch Logo
Hatch Escapes

Hatch Escape has made quite a name for themselves. Winners of the prestigious Top Escape Room Project’s Enthusiasts’ Choice award, and receiving praise from trusted sources such as Escape Authority and Escape Room Tips, Hatch was a no-brainer choice for the Escape Junkies.

Highlights: Lab Rat

Update: We will be playing Lab Rat

Stash House Logo
Stash House – A Los Angeles Crime Story

The gang at Stash House (pun intended) went all out with this theme. With a story that sounds straight out of a mission from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, your team has 90 minutes to ‘sniff out’ all the drugs located in the apartment before the cops arrive. Sign us up!

Highlights: Stash House

Update: We will be playing Stash House.

The Basement logo
The Basement

The Basement was one of the first establishments to flash on our radar when planning for our trip began. The horror movie inspired rooms each has a connected storyline which takes you through 4 intense chapters. The 45-minute time limit raised a few eyebrows, but we are looking forward to the challenge nevertheless.

Highlights: The Basement, The Elevator Shaft, The Study, The Courtyard

Update: Due to the incredible number of activities we have planned we will not have time to visit The Basement.

60Out Escape Rooms
60Out Logo

60Out has several locations scattered around the Los Angeles area boasting both licensed and original escape room themes. While we don’t have the time or budget to explore all of the 20+ escape rooms that 60Out offers, we can’t visit LA without checking out their most talked about themes.

Highlights: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Titanic, Grandma’s Masterplan

Update: We will be playing 60Out’s newest room Turning Test.

Evil Genius
Evil Genius logo

Evil Genius is another escape room company that has built its operation around a continuously connected story that spans multiple rooms. The Escape Junkies have written about our love of persistent story worlds, so it should come to no surprise that we are seeking out the best that the west coast has to offer.

Highlights: Occam’s Apartment, Norcross Art Gallery, The Morgue

Update: We will be playing The Morgue.

Quest Room Logo

When searching escape room enthusiasts forums around the web one company consistently showed up in our research for best escape games in LA: QuestRoom. They have 6 well received games that we will have the privilege to try during our week in California.

Highlights: Bloody Elbow, Red Giant, Da Vinci’s Challenge

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