Prison Break – The Escape Game

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They Won’t Let Me Out, I’m Locked Up – Akon

It was the summer of ’62. I was doing hard time for a botched bank job in Toledo. Life was hard! But then… I heard some convicts escaped. I had to find out how! Just kidding… the only hard time I ever did was weekly detention in Mrs. Maio’s math class (she was a cool teacher though). Prison Break was no joke though…

The Good

This was such a fun escape room. In my oh so humble opinion, I believe it is one of the best rooms my fellow Junkies and I have escaped from. Right from the start, our team was fractured and split apart. Three of us in one jail cell and the other three in another. A brick wall separated us. The design of that entry point into the room captured my fascination and I was instantly pulled into the story line that we had to escape from the prison and we needed each other to succeed. We had to use our wits to solve crucial puzzles just to escape these cells.

Of interest was all of the places available to find clues. Once we made that first escape we were back together and solving more intricate puzzles. The transition from section to section was very imaginative and quite pleasurable at one point for me. I got to enthusiastically say, “Wheeee!”

The final room was by far the most challenging, however our fatigue from completing multiple rooms that day prior may have been a factor. We are hardcore escapees and we did more than two rooms that day.

The Not So Good

I did feel as though space in parts of the room were too confined for our group, however when we split into smaller groups the confinement was not as bad.


Overall, I believe the overall design and detail put into this escape room was what made it one of the most memorable rooms I have been in. It definitely is not a room for beginners and one would need a strong, cohesive team in order to progress. A general word of advice…look everywhere, nothing is beneath you! As far as the 31 rooms I have been in, Prison Break was by far one of my top favorite rooms! 5/5

5 out of 5 locks

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