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Shell shocked man with gas mask for Escape Games Worcester

War Never Changes

Escape Games Worcester is currently in the early stages of transition. New owner Justin Mussler took over the establishment 6 months ago and has plans to fully revamp the rooms over the next few months. In the meantime, Justin offered to give the Escape Junkies a chance to run through the existing version of their Fallout room. Considering the impending renovations I went into Fallout with low expectations but left the experienced pleasantly surprised.

The Good

The first thing that stood out to me after entering Fallout was how much the room really feels like a fallout shelter. The room felt cold and dreadful, and really did a good job of relaying a sense of doom. The room was very spacious with a ton of detailed props lining the walls. It’s a cool touch that most of the props are interactive and usable. The best part of the Fallout experience is that everything that you can touch actually serves a purpose, often interacts in logical ways. No puzzle felt out of place or there just for the sake of giving us something to do. The final act of Fallout was 1 of the most exhilarating conclusions I’ve seen in quite some time. Without spoiling anything just know that your teamwork (and possibly your friendships) will be put to the test.

The Not So Good

Some members of the Escape Junkies family really look forward to rooms with a strong narrative and unfortunately for them. Fallout’s story is not very memorable. I really couldn’t recall the reason we were stuck in the bunker only minutes into the experience. As a self-proclaimed puzzle junkie, I really didn’t care. I thought it was important to mention for the large portion of escape room enthusiasts who look forward to a good story.

The bigger issue in Fallout for most, especially a full group of seasoned escapers, is how linear the room is. Fallout does occupy a large space with plenty of room for 6 players to roam. However, the puzzle progression does not allow for groups to split up and work different problems simultaneously. Hopefully, 1 of the updates planned for future versions of Fallout will incorporate multiple paths for teams to explore. This would make it more interesting for big groups working towards the exciting conclusion.


If you find yourself in or around the Worcester, Massachusetts area, give Escape Games Worcester a try. Fallout is a very good escape room that I only expect to get better as the new owners execute their plans to update all of their rooms. As it stands, Fallout was still a very good escape room that should satisfy smaller groups of enthusiasts and challenge first-timers. 4/5

4 out of 5 locks
  • Location: Escape Games Worcester
  • Time Limit: 60 Minutes
  • Number of Players: 2-6 Players
  • Recommended Skill Level: Beginner

We would like to thank Escape Games Worcester for inviting the Escape Junkies to experience Fallout free of charge. We pride ourselves on providing honest feedback to the community, and while we appreciate their generosity, all thoughts and opinions (both positive and negative) are ours and ours alone.

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