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Win the Game…

If you haven’t already taken a moment to browse our Meet the Junkies page, what are you waiting for!? Take a look and you’ll see that we’re just a group of friends who love to escape. Many of us met each other for the first time when a mutual friend told us about something few of us had ever heard about… escape rooms.

I’m quite convinced that people who’ve never heard of escape rooms probably have very similar reactions: What? Get locked in a room? Fun you say? Creepy much?

I’ll admit this was my own first reaction!

But for the Junkies, the past is prologue. You already know that individually, all of the Junkies said to themselves at one point, I’m up for this! Sounds like it could be fun! (but seriously if you don’t hear from me in 12 hours call the police).

We’re so glad we did. Friendships have been forged, tempers tested, defeats endured, glory won, and all the rest of it. It’s been (and still is) a fantastic time shared by good friends.

Escaping is something we do for FUN!

But like most games played for fun… the game is best enjoyed in victory. You can say whatever you want about “experiences” and “participation” and “spending time together,” but we all know that winning the game elevates all of those things in a basic, yet meaningful way.

Teams in the National Hockey League will play over 80 games in a year and a Major League Baseball team will play over 160! Anyone can see the difference between a winning and losing team. The winning team usually enjoy a deeper sense of camaraderie, a high degree of stick-to-itveness, and better chances to overcome long odds. There is something about the winning team that goes beyond the points on the scoreboard.

Now, you might be thinking, sure Kyle, but MLB and NHL teams are made up of professionals who are paid to do a job!

Exactly! I chose this example precisely to illustrate the fact that even paid (highly paid, in a lot of cases) professionals are not immune to the charms of a winsome record.

There’s something foundational to the human experience in competition, and, if we admit it, something visceral in coming out on top!

The Junkies play to win!

And there’s no reason you shouldn’t either!

And so, I’m excited to announce a multi-part and ongoing series here at Escape Junkie University.

We want to share everything we’ve learned (and will yet learn in the future) in order to help you  and your friends escape.

Because let’s face it… It’s better to win.

Here are some upcoming topics you and your fellow escapee’s can look forward to!

  • Assembling a Winning Team
  • Hints/Clues and How to use Them
  • Clock Management
  • Strategy: Divide and Conquer vs. Dream Team
  • Pre-Gaming

Amicis et Victoria! (Friends and Victory)

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