Captain Spoopy Bones and the Magnificent Quest for Some Other Pirate’s Treasure – Doldrick’s Escape Room

Skeleton pirate with sword

Ahoy You Scurvy Landlubbers!!

Have I got a tale for you! A tale of hi-jinks and treasure and mutiny and deceit. Welcome to Captain Spoopy Bones and the Magnificent Quest for Some Other Pirate’s Treasure! Arr time be not on our side when we ushered into the brig for a quartet of downtrodden and kidnapped prisoners we be. Separate and alone we were having been ushered into jail cells aboard a dilapidated pirate ship. The puzzles be hard yet satisfying, and once we escaped the brig, me mateys and I moved swiftly through the ship uncovering pieces of a map to lead us to a great treasure.

High production value mixed with an engaging story made arr trip o’re the seven seas both perilous and intoxicating. Keep all found treasures with ye at all times, and be aware of the tiniest keys. Hone ye navigation and compass reading skills as ye travel from island to island in search of the greatest treasure ever sought by the mysterious Captain Spoopy Bones.

The Good

Being from Tampa, Florida, our team immediately identified with the theme of this room (if you don’t know about Gasparilla, I highly recommend you Google it and book your trip to Tampa). Our affinity for all things pirate is further exemplefied by the intro to this review, written by Escape Junkie Craig, who speaks and writes (and with enough rum, sings) in fluent Pirate.

We played this room with 4 people. The booking allows for 4–12 people. I think the puzzles allow for more people to be working simultaneously, which is a feature we typically seek out in rooms. We’re often frustrated when half the team is standing around twiddling their thumbs while waiting for a few teammates to solve a puzzle so we can all move forward. That would not happen in this room.  I think the sweet spot for people would be in the 8–10 range, and that would allow for people to all be working and collaborating.

Not only are the puzzles interesting, they require that different teams of people work together in order to solve them. This room also featured a strong focus on technology. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone ready to go give it a shot themselves, but you will be amazed with every step that you take through this room. One of our favorite features was an interactive pirate that will pop up at some point in the room… Don’t make him wait, Captain Spoopy Bones gets annoyed.

We also appreciated the game master for this room. Unlike some other facilities, Doldrick’s has a one to one set up for rooms and game masters. That means that your game master is only following your game, so they can focus. This is incredibly helpful and unlike other rooms we’ve played, where the game master needs a play by play of what we’ve done in order to figure out where we are and what we need help with, this saves valuable time. The game master at Doldrick’s was helpful, but not intrusive, and added to the overall experience.

The Not So Good

Just in case you do not speak fluent Pirate and you did not pick up on some of the finer statements above, allow me to translate. We did not make it out of this room in under 60 minutes. I’m putting that in “The Not So Good” area simply because we’re competitive and it stung. That said, this is definitely more of a reflection on us than the room. This room is one of my favorite rooms we’ve ever played. It was challenging, immersive, and had a great story.

Craig wishes his fluent Pirate would have been more of an advantage, but luckily for you non-Pirate speakers, it was not.


We read a lot of amazing reviews about Doldrick’s and we are happy to say that we were not disappointed. I highly recommend this room. It was clearly designed and is maintained by people who put a lot of time and effort into every detail. It allows you, the escapee, to have the best possible experience, win or lose. 5/5

5 gold locks out of 5
  • Location: Doldrick’s Escape Room
  • Time Limit: 60 Minutes
  • Number of Players: 4-12 Players
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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  1. Thank you so much for such an awesome review! We really wanted to try to make the most fun and ridiculous pirate ship around. I’m glad you all had fun and I genuinely look forward to seeing you again soon! -Rick, Doldricks Escape Room

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