Playground – The Escape Game

School’s Out For Summer

Find the clues to get out of Mrs. Clayton’s classroom, and head to P. E. We had one hour to make it to Coach’s much celebrated “unconfirmed” kickball game! See you at the Playground!

School’s still in session, and there is time for one more activity before heading out for summer break. Though I am an experienced Escape Junkie, I moonlight as an elementary art teacher (as my now not so secret identity). Working daily in an elementary school, I praise this room for its high production value and attention to detail. The puzzles danced between knowing and understanding the humanities, and having a certain level of athletic prowess.

The Good

What sets this room apart from nearly all of the ones we Junkies have escaped from is that there was an ongoing progress monitoring system in the form of a report card which kept us informed of what puzzles we had solved. Subjects included art, humanities, social studies, and P.E. To escape the room, we had to complete the report card with an A+ in each subject. The first puzzle, taking attendance, took a little bit of thought, but it was clever, and the payout was worthwhile. Each room within the room was well thought out and designed with an added area to make me shout “Weeee!”

Venturing out onto the P.E. and recess fields added to the excitement of the room. As I stated before, the production value of this room was really high, and The Escape Game (Orlando)’s attention to detail was spot on. It is worth noting that nothing was painted on any wall merely for decoration, so keep that in mind when you enter this room. The max number of players for this room is twelve players, but we escaped with just four members of our team. A word of advice, it might be better with a few more numbers, you’ll find out what I mean!

Not So Good

There was one puzzle that was not reset, and we needed intervention from the game master, but that did not diminish our enthusiasm for completing the objectives of the room and escaping. This was our fifth room at The Escape Game (Orlando), and they definitely upped their game in terms of puzzles and production value.


The classroom subjects were very well rounded, having to solve math, reading, art, science, and social studies clues. Strangely, a lot of math clues to go around. We even took a short trip around the nation to places of great historical importance, and we got curious about Curious George.

Crosswords and skee ball. Golf and science projects. Hidden compartments and magnetic snares. These add up to an overall fun experience, that is both nostalgic and educational. 5/5

5 out of 5 locks

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