Super Bomb Squad: Commandos Awesome – Doldrick’s Escape Room

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Good. You’ve made muster. Now I can tell you about your mission. You’ve got 60 minutes to infiltrate a top secret, heavily secured facility and defuse a SUPER bomb! The Escape Junkies have the utmost confidence that you and your team can handle the situation. The only explosions happening on your watch will be your collective minds as you enjoy this excellent room.

The Good

Production. Production. Production. What is production? I’m glad you asked. It can probably mean different things to different people. Production for the Junkies means quality of construction. There’s a lot that goes into this. It’s all about how an establishment uses a space to create an escape game. This involves everything from raw materials to aesthetic and from layout to puzzle integration. All of these things work together to serve a common purpose: immersion. Rooms that have a great production value almost always have an intensely immersive feel. And immersion is exactly what Doldrick’s Escape Room has accomplished here. Your squad will be put through paces that makes you feel as if your really on a mission to stop a SUPER bomb! This is achieved through a combination of good special effects, uniquely themed puzzles, and the game’s structure. Let me talk about each of these to break it down for you:

Special Effects

There’s something about special effects that Doldrick’s gets sooo right… the little things. It’s easy to assume that whenever you talk about special effects, you must be talking about ILM* level stuff.  But that isn’t the case. Fantastic special effects can be achieved by doing the little things that really elevate the players’ experience. I’ll give you a few examples of what I mean: soundtrack. I want you to imagine 80s/90s video game music and this is essentially the soundtrack of your adventure. Every Junkie that played this game commented on how cool and catchy these tunes were. Now throw in good lighting effects, some smoke, mirrors, and lasers… well, you’re definitely in business in the special effects department.

Uniquely Themed Puzzles

The Junkies have done several games where the puzzles didn’t seem to match the room. For example, a word jumble wouldn’t strike me as the puzzle of choice for a vampire’s lair (because obviously, it would be a ‘Count’-ing puzzle…. ah-ah-ahhhh). But the puzzles and activities in Super Bomb Squad align nicely with your mission. That is to say that you and your squad will be doing puzzles that relate to breaking into top secret areas, disabling security systems, and hacking into computers!

Game Structure

Like most things in life, this escape game is played one step at time. This is not to say that the room is particularly linear per se, but the room does have a logical and enjoyable flow. And like the style of puzzles, this all relates to the idea that the room is structured like an actual bomb disposal mission (And yes, the Junkies know exactly what real bomb disposal missions are like… you don’t?). We’ve talked before about the differences between independent (mom n’ pop, if you will) escape games and big corporately backed escape games. Doldrick’s is of the independent variety. But if you were to air-drop me into one of Doldrick’s rooms, especially Super Bomb Squad, I would have easily been fooled into thinking that Doldrick’s was a corporate operation. There have been few escape games that have managed to achieve a production level that can compete with the corporate big boys and I’m glad to report Doldrick’s is among their number.

The Not So Good

Honestly, there’s not much to report in the Not-So-Good column. The only thing I could say is that only 4 Junkies played this game. The occupancy is listed at 2-8 players. If we had a full team of 8, things would be pretty cramped. That said… something unique about this game is that Doldrick’s website (as of May 2019) promises that your game is private. You won’t be paired up with any strangers. So, if you do have a full of 8, at least you’ll be on top of your fellow squad members instead of Karen from accounting whom you just met.


As I said above, Doldrick’s Escape Room gets a lot of things right. The Junkies love to see the independent game owners flourish and thankfully, Doldrick’s is killing it. I highly recommend Super Bomb Squad: Commandos Awesome for you and your squad. 5/5 NOW GET IN THERE!! AND DEFUSE THAT BOMB, PRIVATE! 5locks
  • Location: Doldrick’s Escape Room
  • Time Limit: 60 Minutes
  • Number of Players: 2-8 Players
  • Recommended Skill Level: Right Between Intermediate and Expert

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