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Houdini Book of Secrets poster for Premier Escape Adventures

Want to Hear a Secret?

There are fewer things more intriguing than a secret. Secrets are, in essence, great mysteries. In many ways, the world is driven by them. They can be found in every stratum of life. Everywhere you look you’ll find a secret… or maybe even two. Friends, lovers, families, groups, even entire countries; what do they have in common?


Entire fortunes have been spent keeping them while vast enterprises seek to root them out. Everyone has them. Sometimes they are shared, and other times they are discovered. And the mind yearns to know them. What makes a secret good, though? What is it about these nuggets of hidden truth that makes them so irresistible? One of my personal theories is that a secret is only as good as the person (or persons) who holds it.

So what would an opportunity to learn Harry Houdini’s secrets mean to you? For the Junkies, it was a once in a lifetime chance. We learned that Houdini left behind a book containing his most closely guarded secrets to be discovered only by those worthy enough for the challenge. Houdini’s Book of Secrets by Premier Escape Adventures is not one to miss for anyone who can appreciate the subtle power of a good secret… especially one held by such a fellow as the great Harry Houdini!

The Good

Right off the bat, Premier Escape Adventures tries (and succeeds) to set themselves apart from the typical escape room experience. I’ll spare you any spoilers, but just keep in mind that in any good magic act, a volunteer is always called for…

The room’s unique beginning is the first step into a game that’s shrouded in a rich mystery. The puzzles are excellently paired to the Houdini theme and this only adds to the room’s unique allure. There was even one puzzle that invites YOU to perform the magic. This was something really unique as well and something the Junkies had never seen before.

And you know me… my review wouldn’t be complete without some sort of comment on the story or narrative behind the whole room. I thought this room’s narrative was excellent. It’s really difficult of some places to drive the narrative forward as you progress through a room. I suspect this is because most establishments chose not to put a ton of brain work into this aspect of the room. I totally understand the reasons behind those decisions because, after all, I don’t think as many people truly appreciate the narrative or story behind the room as much as yours truly. But I am so happy to report that the good folks at Premier Escape Adventures went the extra mile in this department. As you proceed from puzzle to puzzle you’ll get another piece of the story behind Houdini and his secrets.

And the finale!? Well, I won’t spoil it for you, but Houdini aficionados will be pleased that the story of Houdini’s Book of Secrets has a satisfying ending. The owners’ work on this aspect of the room was very much appreciated! We think you’ll enjoy it, too!

The Not So Good

Thankfully, there’s not much to report here. There might have been a puzzle or two that gave us a tough time due to its design, but the only thing hurt by this was our pride.

Everything worked properly and as intended. The owners even spent extra time with us after the game to talk about our experience which we absolutely loved.


Before I wrap this up I do have to extend a hearty thanks to the owners of Premier Escape Adventures as they really spent a lot of time with us and even offered us a taste of their virtual reality experiences!

Yes, you heard that right!

In addition to offering great escape rooms, Premier Escape Adventures also has virtual reality games and experiences. Check out their website for additional details. We got to play Elven Assassin and had an absolute blast!!

(I would hate myself for not taking this opportunity to let you know that I dominated the rest of the Junkies in player vs player mode. Thank you.)

Okay, conclusion time… The Junkies would like to make NO secret of the fact that Premier Escape Adventures shaped up to be an EXCELLENT destination. They’ve got great escape rooms AND virtual reality. How much more fun can be packed into this one location? That’s a secret I’m sure the fine owners are holding onto!

5 out of 5 locks

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