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I walk into most dating situations with a certain level of awareness of my surroundings. I like to meet in neutral territory, know where the exits are, and inform at least one friend of my whereabouts, so that if I go missing they can direct the authorities to my last known location. If you think this is overkill, then you clearly have not had any Date Night Disasters. My goal is always to prevent situations where I could be kidnapped and locked away in a room, unfortunately, this past Saturday I failed to accomplish this goal.

Our group found ourselves blindfolded and handcuffed together after being kidnapped during intermission. Luckily our captors were away for a bit, so we had some time to try to find a way out of this odd predicament.

The Good

Starting with a handicap (being handcuffed to a teammate) added a level of difficulty that forced us out of our comfort zone and made us work differently from how we typically approach rooms. I liked this approach. The owners of Premier Escape Adventures have clearly thought through their theme and puzzles quite well. Without giving away anything, I thought that the puzzles were interesting, challenging, and tied together well. We encountered many different things in this room that we had never seen before, which was very enjoyable. We all appreciated the thought and effort that went into building the room and the corresponding story and theme. All details were polished, and the room was fun to work through.

Not So Good

This is more on my teammates than on the room. The goal of this room is to find the key to your handcuffs… if you play this room with Escape Junkie Montez and Escape Junkie Kyle, you’ll find that they work their way out of their cuffs to move through the room more easily. Escape Junkie Diana and I found this to be awfully close to cheating and we stayed true to the theme. That said, I do get that if I were in an actual Dating Disaster where I was handcuffed to a date and in an undisclosed location and facing imminent danger, I would certainly get out of the cuffs as quickly as possible.


I am sad that my extensive catalogue of dating disasters did not give me any significant advantages in this room. However, I found this room to be a great balance of an intriguing story, complex puzzles and great room design.

As Escape Junkie Kyle mentioned, Premier Escape Adventures also allowed us to play their VR game Elven Assassin. I cannot stress enough how much fun this experience was for us. We’re all looking forward to going back and scheduling some VR time. I also feel the need to point out that while Escape Junkie Kyle dominated in the player vs. player mode, I was the primary defender of our village in the team mode. A little friendly competition never hurt any team right?

I cannot recommend Premier Escape Adventures enough. The team there is engaged and passionate which makes the experience that much more fun for the rest of us. 5/5

5 out of 5 locks


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