Cannibal’s Den – Quest Room (Santa Monica)

Cannibal's Den poster from Quest Room

Pairs Well With Fava Beans…

Who doesn’t enjoy cannibals? I mean they are just 1 level below zombies on the creeper totem pole and that’s only because they play with their food. The Escape Junkies never turn away from a challenge (even if a few members required some extra coaxing for this 1). So we hopped into a suspect looking Uber thinking “it’s probably fine” and awoke locked in a psychopath’s lair. Another fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

The Good

What a country we live in. For fun, we pay money for someone to put a sack on our heads and lead us into a holding cell and actually enjoy it! I love that Quest Room takes the extra time to build suspense with their games. Having been blindfolded prior to entering a room before has always felt like a gimmick but in Cannibal’s Den, it actually serves a unique purpose. Depending on factors determined by the game host each member of your team will have a different starting position. This will force groups who have proven strategies to quickly adapt and switch tactics on the fly. Speaking of tactics, Cannibal’s Den also provides players with opportunities to interact with the room in ways we have been socialized NOT to for years. I won’t spoil anything but expect to be surprised at what you get to try out in this room.

This review would not be complete if I did not mention the amazing set design for Cannibal’s Den. The various rooms in the game feel like they came straight off a Hollywood movie set. That fact came as less of a surprise once our game host Louie explained that Quest Room’s owner also owns a set design company. We encountered some ultra-realistic body parts that left Escape Junkie Katie a little flustered and the rest of us looking for hand sanitizer. Horror movie enthusiasts should not pass up a chance to survive the Cannibal’s Den.

Not So Good

Depending on what role you get assigned at the start of Cannibal’s Den your experience may vary. 1 particular role will be very active and vital to the success of the early section of the game, a different member will have a considerably smaller part to play. I found myself in the latter part of this scenario which was somewhat frustrating but only after I later learned that I had indeed completed my assignment within minutes. Other members of the Escape Junkies had more important jobs which in turn improved their experience at that juncture of the game.

My last gripe is really due to how much I enjoyed my overall experience with Cannibal’s Den, I wanted more. The game felt like it ended abruptly and I was hoping for a more dramatic conclusion. A few more puzzles or an extra space would have made this room that much better, but I could honestly say that for most places we try.


Despite my slow start in the game, and my desire for more time with dismembered corpses, Cannibal’s Den was an awesome escape room. The fear is palpable and the movie quality set will have you questioning how far Quest Room went for realism. If you know a horror movie fan who has yet to do an escape room this is the perfect hook and even for those who aren’t big on scares, this room strikes a nice balance. 5/5

5 out of 5 locks Cannibal's Den
  • Location: Quest Room
  • Time Limit: 60 Minutes
  • Number of Players: 2-6
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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