Escape Room Vacation Planning 101

Los Angeles Skyline Escape Room Vacation Planning

The Escape Junkies love escape rooms. No shock there. We really do. Whenever the idea or chatter about an escape room vacation came up, I had some reservations. Flying across the country to California with 7 friends to do HOW MANY ESCAPE ROOMS???? My last “friend vacation” ended up in…well, yeah forget that story.

I’m not the strongest member of the Escape Junkies. My skill set is finding the light switch on the wall after sighing in frustration and leaning up against it. If you make escape rooms, more light switches, please. But I will say that after the discussions and planning dinners we had for this vacation, I was more and more excited about it.


Start EARLY. Think about where you’re going and the weather. Do you want to vacation in sub-zero arctic weather doing escape rooms in Chicago? Or how about Arizona in triple-digit heat? The decision to do San Jose, San Francisco and Los Angeles in June was a fantastic one. We won’t talk about the wayward heatwave experienced in San Francisco. Totally out of the ordinary.

When packing for your trip, keep a watch on the weather up until the time you leave. Remember the TSA guidelines on packing fluids in a carry on bag. (Also look into TSA Pre✔️, it’s amazing!) You can always buy soaps and shampoos at your destination and then discard them before flying home. I would also recommend an insulated water bottle and/or a shoulder sling to carry it in. It can get pricey constantly buying bottles of water and Mother Earth doesn’t like it.

Reusable water bottle

Comfortable shoes and socks for those hooves are a must. You can’t escape a room with debilitating blisters.

We recommended using the TripIt app (available for Android and iOS) to create an itinerary of flight information, hotel/Airbnb reservations, escape rooms, dinner plans, etc. Your crew will be able to sync it to their calendars and forward it to any loved ones so they have an idea where you are at any time (in case of emergency, not for snooping).

Screenshot of TripIt App

Most importantly, share your location with your group (depends on your cell phone provider). In case you walk off by yourself or go exploring, your crew should be able to find where you are (unless they want to lose you on purpose).

AirBnB vs. Hotel

I love hotels so much that I have a horde of little baby soaps, shampoos, and conditioners I will never use. The Escape Junkies opted for an Airbnb in San Jose and Los Angeles which, again, was a great idea. We all had individual rooms for privacy but we were able to commune together at the dining table and living room for meals and games. We also saved costs by heading to the local grocery store for snacks and groceries for group meals.

Explore The Hood

No matter where you’re from, we love to talk about our area. Ask me about Philadelphia and I will have you believing it is the best city in the world. When you get to your destination, go explore. Talk to the people running the escape rooms about other escape rooms, the future of escape rooms, places to eat, and sights to see. We spoke with our host at Stash House who recommended a delicious Thai restaurant in Koreatown with the Hollywood sign over our shoulders. We talked for a while with Nick, the genius at Off The Couch Games about his escape room travels and other escape rooms we should experience.

Escape Rooms

Is this not why you ARE HERE?!

Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Your favorite Escape Junkies completed 17 escape rooms in a week. 17!!!!! For some of us it was a lot but thankfully we had set aside a day of nothing but optional escape rooms which gave Escape Junkie Craig and I time to go explore. Keep in mind, escape room times vary – 60, 80, 90, 120 minutes. Is your escape crew morning people? Night Owls? Don’t get overzealous booking rooms if your brains wilt after 3 rooms.

And I can’t stress this enough: work in meals between escape rooms. There is nothing like being locked in Evil Genius’s Morgue Escape Room and no one has eaten in hours. We arrived with 8 and left with 7…(slurp). On the flip side, I wouldn’t recommend eating at a restaurant known for garlic or any other digestive agitating places and then doing an escape room. Maybe hot boxing methane is your thing…in that case you do you.


When asked about his Escape Room Vacation experience, Escape Junkie Kyle said, “It was magical and one of my greatest life adventures to date.” And I didn’t pay him to say that. I agree with Kyle and I would think the rest of the crew feels the same way. Doing an Escape Room Vacation solidified and strengthened our friendship and we all can’t wait to do this again. I suggest posting on social media as you escape and explore. Share your experiences with friends, family, and other escape enthusiasts. Pictures make terrific memories.

We’d love to hear your suggestions and experiences on escape room vacations! Check out our vacation photos on Instagram @Escape_JunkiesFL

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