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Wands at the ready! Magic abounds…

There is a hidden world around us, a world of magic filled with riddles and mystery. In Sorcerer’s Sanctum, we were instantly transported into a realm of mystery and confounding puzzles where necessary tools involved magnetic wheels and magic wands. I must confess that the Harry Potter geek in me took a brief hold of my senses as I waved the wand around the room uttering spells from the beloved books that I have read so many times!

The Good

Upon entering the room, our group of eight were immediately split into two groups of four, one group in the Serpent room and the other in the Phoenix group. My group was ushered into the Phoenix room, where a giant Jenga puzzle awaited us. I am not ashamed to say that Jenga almost did us in until our most fearless and observant Escape Junkie Neesa observed the key to solving it, and at once the answer became clear. My fellow Escape Junkie Derek now has a deep-seated dislike for all things Jenga, but once the puzzle was figured out, I found it fun and ingenious.


Escape Junkie Kyle here! My fellow Junkie, Craig, asked me to talk about the Serpent room for this review and I was happy to oblige. The serpent room was very nearly just as dangerous as it sounds. The Serpent room crew was greeted by a confounding bookcase that concealed multiple puzzles that require a keen eye and intense attention to detail. Thankfully, this was just the kind of puzzle that Escape Junkie Katie excels at. All told, the Serpent room was conquered, but not until it was thoroughly enjoyed. It was a great stage setter for the rest of the room as the aesthetic was immersive and exciting, and the puzzles flowed well. Okay, that’s it for me. Escape Junkie Kyle, signing off.

From then on, our experience moved at a natural pace as the time continued to dwindle on with our gamemaster occasionally announcing the remaining time through a hidden P.A. system.

The production value in the sanctum was definitely top notch, and it was a worthy room for our first California adventure. Each subsequent room held more elaborate puzzles culminating into one large room with three magical spell incantations to master. Mastering our way through transmutation was an intriguing and new experience for us.

Not So Good

We lost the sense of the story as we made our way through the room. By the end, we could not tell you what the story was. This was the worst detractor.

Some of the puzzles required hints to solve them. One possible factor, though could the fact that our group was extremely jet-lagged from flying from Florida earlier in the day. For us, on our east coast time, we were trying to solve puzzles at nine in the evening after being awake since four in the morning.

One final note, while splitting the teams up at the started didn’t take away from the experience it really didn’t add anything either. For this room, it didn’t feel like a vital game mechanic.


Sorcerer’s Sanctum was full of fun, challenge, and mystery. The room was good for our 8 person group with a ton of puzzles to solve. The narrative was forgettable and the split team aspect seemed like a wasted opportunity to try something unique. Overall I would recommend Sorcerer’s Sanctum to anyone looking for a solid escape game in San Jose. 4/5

4 out of 5 locks
  • Location: Omescape San Jose
  • Time Limit: 60 Minutes
  • Number of Players: 4-10
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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