Perfumer – Quest Room (Santa Monica)

Can You Sniff Your Way Out?

I just had to smell it, the worlds most perfect perfume. I knew that if I could just get into the Perfumer’s shop I was certain I could follow his notes to concoct his pièce de résistance, the most perfect perfume ever created. I convinced a few friends to join me in my quest and we headed over to break into his shop.

I knew that the Perfumer wouldn’t be at his shop, it turns out that the Perfumer was recently caught and executed by the authorities, it appears they frown upon killing young women to extract their scents to make his masterpieces. If this turns you off, you probably don’t have the stomach to make it through our quest, luckily my friends and I are more focused on fulfilling his final wish and we will be making that perfect perfume.

The Good

This applies to not only this room, but for all of the Quest Room experiences I have had, the immersion is amazing. We started this experience by donning the provided clothing (which is optional but come on people) and getting our background information before entering. The other immersion piece that I was consistently impressed by was the game master. Unlike most other rooms that I have played, the game master in this room was a character that had a back story that fit with the theme of the room. What I liked most about this is that if you needed a gentle nudge, you didn’t get pulled out of the ambiance of the room to get that. I also appreciate that they hire actors to play the game masters to further the immersive experience.

This room had a lot of interesting puzzles that we had never encountered before, and others that we have seen before but utilized in a completely different manner. Multiple times while going through the room we commented on how cool or different we found the puzzle that we had just completed.

The combination of the immersive theme, creative use of puzzles, sets, design, and props in this room made it a phenomenal experience.

Not So Good

I really don’t have any not so good feedback on this room, and I say this knowing that people may think less of my review of a room where I don’t have anything negative to say. All I can say to that is go try the room for yourself and tell me what you thought I missed. 🙂


I sincerely enjoyed all of the Quest Room experiences that we had and the Perfumer was no different. The level of detail and planning that went into this room was impeccable and much appreciated by our team. 5/5

5 out of 5 locks
  • Location: Quest Room
  • Time Limit: 60 Minutes
  • Number of Players: 2-6
  • Recommended Skill Level: Advanced

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