The Remedy Review – Adventure Rooms (Connecticut)

Simple and Amazing

This review is from 2016 and Adventure Rooms has since replaced The Remedy. We felt this review was still relevant as a shining example of what escape rooms should be.

I have a confession. I believe the notion that an escape room must have an exciting theme or great story is overstated. Don’t get me wrong, a well integrated theme can turn a good room into a great room when executed properly, but for me the puzzles are what will make or break my escape room experience. With The Remedy, Adventure Rooms abandons the standard narrative based formula and instead focuses on the puzzles – and the results are amazing!

The Good

The story – You are trapped in a multi-room lab and you have 60 minutes to escape. Sold! That’s all the motivation our team needed because there are a lot of tasks that need completing to met your 1 hour deadline. The space is a series of rooms built in what use to be a dentist office, with the lobby area and office area unlocked at the start. There is plenty to do in each available space, and while you can brainstorm solutions as a team at the start, pretty soon you will have to make tough decision about dividing resources between the different rooms. One of the benefits of going without a theme is that Adventure Rooms are free to let their imaginations run wild with the puzzle design. I’ve never had so many WOW moments during a 60 minute escape game, every solution was met with a high five or an audible cheer! It was truly a master class in fun, and an adventure that will never be forgotten.

The Not So Good

If you absolutely need to have an intriguing narrative with your escape game then The Remedy may not be right for you. Luckily Adventure Rooms offer more story rich options with their other rooms. Judging by the job they did with The Remedy I’d wager you’d enjoy those too.


I wish The Remedy could be everyone’s entry into the world of escape games like it was for the other members of my group. 5 new escape room enthusiasts were created that day and my new obsession, finding the best escape rooms in America began in earnest. I’m looking forward to my next trip to Connecticut to check out the rest of what Adventure Rooms has to offer. 5/5

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