Three Reasons You & Your Trivia Team Should Give Escape Rooms a Shot

So you have a group of friends you meet up with regularly and you obviously have some collective brain power. You may even know some answers to trivia questions unrelated to local sports or the multitude of random Kardashians. If you’ve conquered trivia night at your local watering hole and are ready for a new challenge, here are a few reasons you and your friends should consider spending your hard earned cash on an escape room or two.

1. You Already Work Well Together

Your group has spent countless hours discussing numerous topics ranging from whether Jack and Rose could have both fit on that floating door while the Titanic sank (Kate Winslet totally thinks Leo could have fit by the way) to what the tallest mountain in the world was before Mount Everest was discovered (helpful hint…it was still Mount Everest). While there are many attributes that are key to navigating an escape room, teamwork and communication are essential elements to a successful escape and trivia night has been preparing you without you even knowing it.

2. You Like Competition

Okay, maybe you didn’t make it to Regionals, let alone Nationals, but that doesn’t mean your group isn’t capable of making a name for itself. Locations like The Adventure Vault and Escapology (Orlando) maintain a wall of fame for top team performances featuring team names and in some cases, victorious group photos.

Many locations also provide the percentage of successful escapes. The lower the percentage, the more prestige and bragging rights coming your way. Is your group good enough to escape a room like The Caretaker that boasts a 1.5% escape rate? There is only one way to find out.

3. Coming Up With A Killer Group Name Is Second Nature

As a veteran trivia goer, chances are you’ve heard the likes of the Quizzard of Oz, Stephen Hawking’s School of Dance, and I Thought This Was Speed Dating (let alone all the the hilariously awkward names we don’t feel comfortable repeating here…hi Mom!). You’ve probably even worked up something better. Escape rooms offer another opportunity to come up with a fantastic team name. Hell, it might even end up on a t-shirt someday and earn you some money for your likeness (Hey, a guy can dream….).

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