Wild West Heist Review – Legends Escape Rooms (Brandon)


Stepping Into Your Childhood Fantasy Escape Room Style

There are really two things that capture my interest in escape rooms. The first thing is the aesthetic. Does the room really make me feel like I’m locked in a dungeon, fleeing prison, stealing priceless art, or landing on the moon? If it does, then puzzles and results aside, I know I’ll walk away with a memorable and positive experience. The second thing is what I like to call “the Story.” If you’ve never been to an escape room let me tell you what this is – it’s really simple. “The Story” is just the make-believe parts of the who, what, when, where, and why equation of escape rooms. How did we get locked in here? Why do we only have 60 minutes to get out? What happens if we fail? That kind of thing. It’s an unfortunate truth that some escape room establishments take the story element for granted. Thankfully, this was not the case for the Wild West Heist at Legends Escape Rooms in Brandon, FL.

The Good

In this room, the aesthetic and the story combined to become something truly special. The whole really was greater than the sum of its parts.

This room asked me, “Would you like to re-live your boyhood dream of being a cowboy outlaw on the run from the West’s most famous (or infamous) law man, Wyatt Earp!?”

ME: “Umm, yes. Yes, I would.”

Sign. Me. Up.

The quality/production value of the room was excellent, puzzles were engaging and what you’d expect to find in a Wild West Saloon, bank, general store, or hotel. Since this is a no-spoilers review I can’t reveal too much about the puzzles, but let me just say, working with puzzles and clues that make you feel like you’re playing poker with the town cut-throat knowing you’re about to rake in the chips with a game winning “dead man’s hand” is an experience not to be missed. In my opinion, this room is great for kids, families, and adults alike.

The Not So Good

This room has a maximum occupancy of 8 people. If you’re working with a full group of 8 there may be some times that you’ll feel slightly cramped.

*Spits on floor*

“Now listen here y’all…”

*jabs thumbs in gun belt*

“If I were the mayor of this here town, why, I’d say 6 people is just ’bout right.”

*squints eyes into the sun, puckers lower lip and chin, confidently nods*

..Ahem, sorry. Couldn’t resist lapsing back into character.

To be clear, in certain areas of the room and throughout the experience I’m sure you’ll find yourself with plenty of space. There are however certain times where the “action” will funnel your team into close quarters and sometimes this means some team members may become more spectator than wily Wild West Outlaw.


Others’ mileage may vary, but this room “did it” for me. It gave me an opportunity to become what I’ve wanted to be since I was 5 years old – a cowboy. You’ll often notice me making much ado about what others may consider the least important escape experience ingredient: The Story. I just happen to believe a lot of people out there are looking for a reason to suspend disbelief (I am their self-appointed leader). And it’s scientifically proven there’s no better way to achieve the target state of mind than a good story. Visit this room and you’ll see what I mean. Step into your childhood fantasies… Escape Room style. 4/5


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