10 Reasons You Should Make Your Valentine’s Date An Escape Room Date


Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and for reasons beyond my understanding many Americans choose this day for first dates with that new special someone. First dates are hard enough as it is, but add in the pressure of Valentine’s and you have the potential for a dating disaster tale. The main culprits with Valentine’s dating mishaps are attaching too much importance on the day itself and planning the cliche’ candlelight dinner with flowers. The first date should be fun and loose and give you a chance to get to know the other person, and it doesn’t matter if it’s February 14th or Friday the 13th. An escape room first date can give your first date a shot in the arm and much-needed break from convention, below you will find 10 reasons why you should consider making your Valentine’s Day first date an #EscapeDate. (To be clear we hope you will not want to actually escape from your date).

1. It’s a unique date – In the social media era a lame first date can easily end up as a series of colorful emojis in someone’s Twitter timeline, for example:

We are in the age of sharable experiences and a dinner and movie date just doesn’t move the needle like it used to. Every escape room experience is a ready-made story and will give you something interesting to Tweet about at the end of the night.

2. You have something to talk about at dinner – Assuming you plan on having a meal during this first Valentine’s Day date (I strongly recommend doing the escape room first: see below) you don’t want to worry about the all too common first date awkwardness the happens when you are nervous or can’t think of anything interesting to say. After completing an escape room you and your date with have an abundance of topics to discuss including but not limited to how awesome that escape room was.


3. You won’t be alone – We’ve all heard horror stories about the creepy first date, you know the 1 where you need to text 911 to your best friend in order to rescue you because your date keeps saying things like “I’m not sure why I said that” and “trust me I’m not a serial killer.” If you decide to try and escape room for your date you will likely be grouped with other people who can severe as a buffer between you and that potential creepy companion … or at very least they will be witnesses that can vouch for you when you file for the restraining order.

#911 #911 #911

4. Your date will learn something about you – This will be a golden opportunity for you to make a lasting first impression that goes beyond aesthetics, and if you perform well in your #EscapeDate you might just earn yourself an encore.

*Pro tip: If you are really desperate to impress book an escape that you’ve already completed, that way you look like a genius. Be warned though, you might just have to “preview” all future escape rooms from here own to keep up the ruse.

5. Leave your cellphones at the door! – I haven’t been on many first dates over the last decade but I can only imagine how many of them are ruined because 1 or both parties spend too much time looking at their phones instead of making a connection.

Check, please

Your escape room first date will begin with at least 1 full hour free of mobile distractions and maybe lead to a more fulfilling experience. Hopefully the only time you will want to use your phone will be to Tweet about how awesome your first date with @Escapee_Adam was.

6. Test his or her intellect

A Homer

Ladies, have you ever worried that your friend may have set you up with a real-life Homer?  

Fellas, on Instagram, did you date list her favorite color as plastic? Take this opportunity to find out if that potential new mate needs to use a hint when signing their name on the waiver.

7. Find out how well you work together – Relationships are built on teamwork, how well a couple communicates can determine whether or not a lasting connection can be achieved. Spending 60 minutes with your date in an escape room can give you data that some couples take years to learn. Escape rooms are often used for teambuilding exercises, why not relationship building?

Can you build a relationship?

8. It’s only an hour – If at any time during your #EscapeDate you are not feeling the vibes from your partner you’ll have an excellent built-in exit point once the hour is up. If your date insists on a second date just make up a story about how you have unresolved childhood issues with (insert escape room theme) and you and your therapist are still working through it. Congratulations, this date, and the chance for future dates are over!

…directional locks

9. You can save a little money – It’s very easy to overspend on Valentine’s Day, especially if you are desperate to impress your new date. Flowers, cards, candy, and fancy restaurant prices can quickly put a dent in your savings account. If you decide to opt for an #EscapeDate you will find that many escape room companies like Lakeland Escape Room (enter promo code FEBLER2019 to save $5 per person) are offering special prices or promo codes for VDay.

Every bit counts

10. Lasting Memories – If things work out you’ll have a wonderful relationship origin story, and a post-escape photo to commemorate the event. Just imagine telling your children the story of how you met their mother… and then proceeded to lock her in a room for an hour and insisted she solve riddles to get out.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day. Follow us on Twitter @Escape_Junkies and share this article if you enjoyed it.


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