At Odds With The Gods Review – The Escape Effect (Orlando)

For Know that No One is Free, Except Zeus – Aeschylus

Remember that Ancient history class you slept through?

Glad I paid attention in class during Ancient Greek and Roman history and a shout out to my parents for naming me after a Roman goddess and a certain princess from Themyscira.

The theme of this 90-minute escape is the quest for the ambrosia and immortality among the Greek gods. Don’t expect to be transported back to Clash of the Titans, but the areas were decent in keeping up with the theme. If you remember what each god represented from class, you’ll recognize the relics.

Oh, one hint and only because I have the soul of a fat kid, the ambrosia is not of the marshmallow variety so don’t expect bubbling vats of fluff…like I did. Chocolate Museum next door….

The Good

You’ll have the option to pick the level of the room: easy, medium, or expert level. This room can be recommended for all escape enthusiasts.

There are a lot of us in the Junkie Crew and sometimes rooms are tiny and we trip over each other. This one had several rooms for us to spread out and work on different puzzles at a time. There is no need to brush up on ancient history to do this room. A bonus point is that I felt no one was left out in solving the puzzles. We were all able to contribute in some way.

The Not So Good

I think knowing we had 90 minutes made us a little too relaxed and we were out of practice. However, there are no excuses…THIS IS SPARTA!!! We eat expert level rooms like a snack. This time, sadly we went just a shade over the 90 minutes, which for me is a confidence kick in the hind parts (and I had the whole ride home to Tampa to think about it).


This part of Orlando is all about family fun. There is no scare factor in this room, PG-rated, so definitely okay to bring the kids. And if they don’t contribute, you can always offer them up as a sacrifice.

Do not be intimidated by this being the only 90-minute escape room in Orlando. I liked this room and felt it was worth the drive from Tampa to Orlando. Plus, I will always look forward to being locked in a room with cool people. I liked it and absolutely recommend it. 4/5

  • Location: The Escape Effect
  • Time Limit: 90 minutes
  • Number of Players: 1-10
  • Recommended Skill Level: Adjustable

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